Living Well with PAH

Living Well with PAH

Relationships, intimacy, and work are just some important elements that, alongside physical health, greatly contribute to a person’s quality of life. Living with PAH can influence many, if not all, parts of life and therefore it’s important to recognise the holistic needs of those living with the condition.

Certain activities can become more challenging and often adjustments are needed.[1] Coming to terms with this and the subsequent lifestyle changes often affects a person’s physical, emotional and social wellbeing.[1]

Although it can be challenging, with the right support, PAH can be managed and a good quality of life can be achieved.

It can take time for you and your loved ones to adapt to living with PAH.

You are not alone. Other people living with PAH have gone through similar experiences and many people including your family and friends, healthcare professionals and patient organisations can provide support to help you manage the condition.


By speaking to people living with PAH and the PH community – including healthcare professionals and patient groups – insights and practical tips have been gathered to help support you with managing and living well with PAH.

Below we explore four aspects of daily life – click on the icons to learn more.


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