Living and working with schizophrenia

Being diagnosed with schizophrenia is extremely daunting for a person and for their loved ones, but with the right treatment, people with the disorder are able to live a meaningful life.

According to Psycom, most adults living with schizophrenia will experience the onset of symptoms by the age of 30. This impacts negatively on the development of a person's lifestyle as it is at a point where most people are developing careers or academic growth.

The world's view on mental health

As society evolves, people are becoming more tolerant of mental health. More mental health awareness support groups and foundations are available, making support and funding for treatment accessible, while also reducing the stigma associated with mental health disorders.

Employers are also challenged to provide support and give people living with mental health issues an opportunity to maintain their lifestyles and continue their careers in a supportive environment.

How does schizophrenia fit in?

With advancements in treatment, many people with schizophrenia can work and function in everyday environments. Completing tasks and successfully navigating work responsibilities creates a feeling of self-worth. This results in people presenting milder symptoms of the disorder.

What benefits people living with schizophrenia

When assisting people living with schizophrenia, families and support structures are of utmost importance, and that includes employers who can offer the following support,

  • Personal time to gather their thoughts and get back to work
  • Support from in-house mental health coaches
  • On-site meditation services and wellness centres that give employees access to professional help
Treating schizophrenia

Due to the constant research into more effective treatments with less risk of relapse, long-acting injectable treatment is available which can be administered on a monthly basis. What this does is create stability in the life of a person living with schizophrenia, and allows them to live and work with the disorder.

If you know of a colleague or loved one diagnosed with schizophrenia, refer them to Janssen With Me where they can receive credible news and information on the disorder as well as useful advice to live a fulfilled life.