You’ll find useful downloads to help you learn more about psoriasis, or Pso, and take control of your life and disease in this section.

Pso severity checker

Print out this leaflet to work out how severe your psoriasis might be.

Pso progress tracker sheet

Share the results at your next appointment as a conversation starter.

Mental health and psoriasis

Psoriasis can have a deep impact on the people who live with the condition, but the true bearing of psoriasis goes beyond the physical symptoms. This patient guide aims to provide useful advice to help people with psoriasis manage their mental health.

Psoriasis at work

Managing a career can be hard enough, but managing this alongside a condition like psoriasis can be particularly challenging. This guide gives useful tips on navigating the world of work when psoriasis is in the picture.

Psoriasis carer guide

Though it’s greatly appreciated by those who struggle with psoriasis, supporting someone with the condition can be tough. This guide aims to provide information on psoriasis and its impact, as well as advice on how best to support a loved one with the condition.

Psoriasis and relationships

Maintaining good relationships can be difficult at the best of times but adding a long-term condition like psoriasis into the mix may make things even more complicated. This guide aims to give practical advice on how to navigate different types of relationships when psoriasis is part of the picture.

Psoriasis treatment guide

Psoriasis is one of the most treatable immune-mediated conditions. This guide aims to deliver a comprehensive overview of the variety of treatment options available to patients.

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