You are more than your Pso

You are more than your Pso

Your psoriasis, or Pso, is a chronic condition, which means it won’t go away, but you can take control of your life. By keeping healthy and looking after not only your body, but also your mind and your relationships, you can live on your own terms, ease the toll it might take on your relationships, and even cut down on your chance of developing other diseases.You’ll find a few suggestions in this section to help you on your way.

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Stay healthy

Looking after yourself isn't just about treatment.

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Get moving

Exercise could help you manage your psoriasis.

Invest in a pair of gloves for household chores, to avoid touching things that may irritate your skin4

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Follow these tips for skin and nail care

Psoriasis can affect them, so keep a close eye on yours.

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Watch out for the emotional effects

The effects of psoriasis aren’t just skin deep.

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Want to know how to talk about Pso?

Talking to others about psoriasis could be daunting, but might also be a relief.

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How to meet people with Pso

You're not alone - there are other patients with psoriasis, just like you out there.

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Dealing with symptoms

Advice about dealing with the main psoriasis symptoms.

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Want to read other people’s journeys?

Everyone’s different, and each of us has our own story to tell.